Social Security Disability Denied?

Social Security Benefits Denied?

Social Security denies more than 70% of people who apply for benefits, and 90% of those people get denied on their first appeal.  Millions of people are unfairly denied at the first two levels of determination, and you can only win if you continue to fight.

An Attorney Can Make a Difference

You are much more likely to win your claim if you have an attorney represeenting you.

 During Congressional testimony, California Congressman Robert T. Matsui stated:

“Professional representation is a valuable, and indeed vital, service. The disability determination process is complex. Claimants without professional representation appear to be far less likely to receive the benefits to which they are entitled."

Has your claim been denied?

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Contact an Experienced Attorney To Help

Social Security Disability benefits can make the difference between struggling financially and having the funds you need to survive and obtain sufficient medical care. The sooner you get help, the sooner you can get your Social Security benefits approved. Instead of trying to get through this complicated process on your own, put your trust in The Law Offices of Harry S. Bernstein. 

If you've been denied, we can help

If your claim has been denied, you only have a short time to appeal.  Don't wait until it's too late. Contact our offices so that we can fight for you.