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Certain Ohio Worker's Compensation return-to-work programs lessen the financial, emotional, and physical burden for you.  In addition, they reduce the employer’s workers’ compensation costs. The BWC continues to enhance these programs to help keep employees at work or return them to work as quickly as possible.

Along with your physician, employer, and team of rehabilitation professionals, they will work  with your MCO (Managed Care Organization selected by your employer) to coordinate a treatment plan tailored for your job, as well as the injury.

Remain at work

Managed by your employer’s MCO, this program provides you with rehabilitation services if you miss less than seven days of work due to your injury. The program’s goal is to reduce the impact your injury has on your employability.

90-day exams

If you have received temporary total compensation payments for 90 days or more, the Bureau of Workers’ Compensation will schedule a medical exam with an independent BWC-certified physician to evaluate your progress. This exam ensures you are getting the proper treatment and determines whether you can return to work.  However long it takes, BWC and MCO staff will work to keep you on a successful path toward a safe return to work.

Return-to-work options

If you can return to work, but not to full duty, you may be able to work with restrictions.  There are several types of return-to-work options, including:

  • Transitional work — Work that uses real job duties for a specified period of time (generally not exceeding two or three months) to help you progress to your original job.

  • Modified work — Work in which physical barriers that may keep you from performing your essential job functions are adapted, altered, or removed.

  • Light duty — Work in which the job requirements are performed at reduced physical capabilities; job tasks may be temporary or permanent.

  • Alternative work — Work you can do if you are permanently restricted from your original job, but have other abilities and can be employed.